Our Revolutionary Ancestors
Pvt. Nathaniel Ambrose, NH (wife) Phebe Lovejoy
Pvt. Ephraim Amidon, NH (wife) Jane Robbins
Cpt. John Annis, MA (wife) Mary Meloney
Pvt. Samuel Annis, NH (wife) Sarah Stevens
John Armstrong, CT (wife) Mary Durkee
Cpl. Elisha Atwood, CT (wife) Mary Skilton
Comm. Tristram Barnard, MA (wife) Dorothy Currier
Col. James Barrett, MA (wife) Rebecca Hubbard
Lt. Col. Nathan Barrett, MA (wife) Miriam Hunt
Jethro Batchelder, Sr. NH (wife) Abigail Lovering
Nathaniel Batchelder, NH (wife) Anna Butler
Pvt. Moody Bedell, NH (wife) Ruth Hutchins
Col. Timothy Bedell, NH (wife) Elizabeth Merrill
Phinehas Beede, NH (wife) Sarah Bachelder
Pvt. Ichabod Benson, MA (wide) Abigail Griffith
John Blaisdell, NH (wife) Judith Shepard
Pvt. Christopher Blake, NH (wife) Molly Cough
Cpl. Moses Boynton, MA (wife) Mary Osgood
Pvt. Ephram Briggs, CT, VT (wife) Rhoda Whitcomb
Pvt. Edmund Bull, MD (wife) Susana Lyon
Pvt. Simeon Burt, MA (wife) Mary Clark
Pvt. John Caldwell, MA (wife) Abigail Hovey
Cpt. Nathan Caswell, NH (wife) Hannah Bingham
Pvt. Charles Caverly, NH, MA (wife) Mary Danielson
Pvt. John Clark, MA (wife) Keziah Smith
Pvt. Ephraim Clough, MA (wife) Mary
Pvt. Andrew Cobb, NH (wife) Hannah Green
Sgt. Ens. Samuel Cowles, CT (wife) Sibil North
Eliphalet Dam(e), NH (wife) Abigail
Pvt. Charles Danielson, NH, MA (wife) Hannah Danielson
Pvt. James Dearborn, Jr., NH (wife) Judith Tuttle
Samuel de Haven, PA (wife) Catherine Ramey
Lt. Thomas Durkee, NH (wife) Abiah Smith
Pvt. Isaac Eastman, NH (wife) Hannah George
Pvt. Enoch Eaton, NH (wife) Esther William
Cpl. Eleazer Emerson, NH (wife) Susan Bradley
Cpl. Oliver Fairbanks, MA (wife) Elizabeth Norcross Clark
David Fales, MA (Wife) Zibiah Partridge
Pvt. Isaac Frink, Jr., CT, MA (wife) Margaret Stanton
Pvt. David Frost, MA (wife) Esther Bixby
Timothy George, NH (wife) Hannah Hoyt
Pvt. Nathaniel Gibson, MA (wife) Mrs. Keziah Hayward
Joshua Gilman, Jr., NH (wife) Mary Shaw
Jotham Gilman, NH (wife) Sally Lougee
Brg. Gen. John Glover, MA (wife) Sarah Harvell
Lt. Benjamin Gould, MA (wife) Sarah Harvell
Pvt. John Grinstead, VA (wife) Mildred Walton
Sgt. Maj. John H. Hawkins, NH (wife) Lydia Bunker
2nd Maj. James Head, NH (wife) Sarah Thurston
Philip Hertzog, PA (wife) Anna Margretha Dorster
Cpl. Aaron Hibbard, CT (wife) Sarah Merrill
Pvt. Enoch Hunt, NH (wife) Sally Page
Nathan Hutchinson, NH (wife) Rachel Stearns
Pvt. Jabez James, NH (wife) Joanna Hutchinson
Pvt., Fifer, Benjamin Jordon, RI (wife) Mary Walker
Pvt., Mus. Winslow Lakin, MA (wife) Esther Sawtelle
Pvt. Wadleigh Leavitt, MA, RI (wife) Elizabeth Leavitt
John Marsh, CT (wife) Sarah Webster
Samuel McElroy, VA (wife) Mary Irvine
Cpt. Thomas Miles, MD (wife) Elizabeth Treadway
John Mitchell, NH (wife) Lydia Johnson
Cpt. John Moody, NH (wife) Abigail Swett
Daniel Morse, MA (wife) Miriam Hoyt
Pvt. John Nutter, Jr., NH (wife) Elizabeth Dam
John Nutter, Sr., NH (wife) Anna Simes
Andrew Page, NH (wife) Elizabeth Page
Pvt. Gamaliel Parker, Jr., CT (wife) Martha Parker
Pvt. Richard Parshley, NH, MA (wife) Anna Sloper
Cpt. Joseph Parsons, NH (wife) Mary Langdon Seavey
Pvt. Isaac Perkins, MA (wife) Olive Leonard
Cpt. Samuel Pettingill, NY (wife) Elizabeth Cline
Pvt. Samuel Plaisted, NH (wife) Rachel Wetherbe
Pvt. Elijah Puffer, MA (wife) Tahpenses Billings
Pvt. Seth Puffer, MA (wife) Patience Tolman
Sgt. Asa Putney, NH (wife) Tamesin Eastman
Pvt. Elijah Rollins, NH (wife) Mary Prescott
Pvt. Ephraim Ruggles, MA (wife) Olive Powers
Pvt. Abraham Runnels, NH (wife) Hannah Smith
Jason Russell, MA (wife) Elizabeth Winship
Pvt. Nathaniel Sanborn, NH (wife) Mary (Polly) French
Ens. Jonah Sanford, CT (wife) Rhoda Woodruff
Pvt. Benjamin Sargent, NH (wife) Eunice Lendel
Hezekiah Sawtelle, MA (wife) Joanna Wilson
Pvt. Moses Senter, NH (wife) Priscilla
Pvt. Samuel Sherburne, NH (wife) Nancy Randall
Pvt. Reuben Sherman, NH (wife) Ruth Smith
2nd Lt. Richard Sleeper, NH (wife) Martha Fifield
Lt. Col. Ebenezer Smith, NH (wife) Sarah Spiller
Elisha Smith, NH (wife) Lydia Norris
Pvt. Job Smith, MA (wife) Diadema Booth
Pvt. Thomas Smith, MA (wife) Hannah Bunker
Pvt. Isaac Stanwood, MA (wife) Eunice Hodgkins
Pvt. Moses Stark, NH (wife) Elizabeth Holdredge
Pvt. Jonathan Stratton, MA (wife) Abigail Barnes
Pvt. Hosea Sturtevant, MA (wife) Sarah Paine
Pvt. John Tenney, NH (wife) Olive Armstrong
Robert Thorndike, MA (wife) Deborah Wallace
James Towle, NH (wife) Ann Mary (Polly) Sanborn
Cpl. Jedediah Tuttle, MA (wife) Lucy Smith
Pvt., Drm. Asa Webster, NH, VT (wife) Ellen Edwards
Joseph Webster, NH (wife) Maria Goss
Matthias Weeks, Jr., NH (wife) Judith Leavitt
Asa Whitcomb, VT (wife) Joanna Raymond
Joseph Wilbur, NH (wife) Susannah Leonard
Aaron Willard, MA (wife) Mary Wright
Pvt. James Wills, RI, MA (wife) Mary Chamberlain
Deliverance Woodward, NH (wife) Abigail Jewell
Pvt. Nathaniel Woodward, NH (wife) Hannah Davenport
Col. Isaac Wyman, Jr., NH (wife) Sarah Wells
Sgt. Isaac Wyman, Jr., NH (wife) Lucretia Hammond

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